The Power to be YOU.

Empowerment By Women FOR Women..

Beauty Through YOU is a charity organization by women, for women. Beauty through YOU, is dedicated to empowering women through artistic expression through dance and music. Creating a safe space for women to center, and be. The  Beauty Through YOU mission is to help women to become more confident, powerful and develop self worth, efficacy and esteem through the power of A Woman's Support network through Belly Dance Classes, Woman's Empowerment Workshops and Body Positive Seminars. 

The Beauty Through YOU ever evolving points of charity include:

* Safe Space for Women to have creative escape as primary caregivers for ill and elderly family members.

* Programs within the cultural art base of Fusion Belly Dance for underprivileged Teens.

* Workshops and Seminars for Body Positivity for women of all ages.

* Safe Space for Sex positive Education for woman of all ages and sexual orientation.